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Stories of Resilience

Do you have a story of resilience? A story of experiencing joy during times of struggle? Would you sit with me for a short while and tell me your story? It could be your own story, your grandmother’s, or story of resilience found in the natural world. While you talk, I will weave a small basket for you to keep. It may not be a perfect basket, but it will be functional, if for no other purpose than to hold the memory of our interaction. Our time together will not be recorded in any way.


Teresa Audet

Teresa Audet is an artist from Minneapolis who primarily works in wood and fibers; she is currently a graduate student at UW- Madison.

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Teresa will contact to arrange specific meeting time and place after registration.

Performances will take place between 9 and 11 am on the following days:

Saturday, July 10
Saturday, July 17
Saturday, August 7
Sunday, August 15
Sunday, August 22
Friday, August 27


Coffee shops around Madison with outdoor seating areas. Locations are flexible and will be scheduled one-on-one.


We will meet at a coffee shop, purchase a beverage, and sit outside. I will e-mail before our meeting to set up a time and location and to discuss mask preferences; my standard will be that masks are not be required as long as we are outside, but we should wear masks if we need to go inside. I am also happy to wear a mask outdoors upon request. As we sit at the coffee shop, I will ask you to tell me a story of resilience while I weave a small basket. We can have a conversation or I can simply listen; your story could take the form of written words that you read or a song that you sing to me. The only requirements are that the story be one of joy and resiliency and that your storytelling takes a minimum of 20 minutes so I can finish the basket. At the end of our time together you will keep the basket. Our time together will not be recorded in any way.

I can accommodate one person per performance, or a pair telling one story.

I am happy to meet at another outdoor location if a coffee shop is not accessible to you.

*Sensitive content, etc, ONLY if brought up in your story, I will not bring up any topics unless you do first.


Additional details

sensitive content, about COVID, discussion-based, outside, spoken word, storytelling, one-on-one, distancing required, food/drink establishment, dog-friendly

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