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Morning Practice

Help create a new “Morning Practice” — a sequence of accessible, eclectic movements to start the day! This outdoor event welcomes and values a diversity of bodymind experiences, honors COVID-precaution requests, and dips a toe back into in-person collaboration. Cyra’s own Morning Practice will be stretched from home into a group setting, transformed from a solo activity to a shared experience as attendees are invited (but not required) to contribute movements (perhaps reaching slowly to the sky, stretching like a cat, or a silly dance move). The group will create variations and translations so that by the end of the event, each attendee can choose how they wish to engage with a brand new collectively-created and performed Morning Practice.


Cyra K. Polizzi

Cyra K. Polizzi is a performing artist, educator, and ensemble member with Rotate Theatre. (they or she)

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Collaborator: Richard Paro

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Second Sundays:
July 11, August 8, September 12.



Outside, south of the Beltline and east of Fish Hatchery.

After signing up, you will receive an email with the specific address.


September 12th is a vaccinated-only event. Unvaccinated attendees in July and August must wear masks. This is an outdoor event with no physical contact (the facilitator may email additional COVID precautions based on the current situation and attendee needs). Attendees may wear ANY clothing/footwear and may wish to bring a chair if standing for long periods is uncomfortable. Attendees may wish to wear sun and/or bug protection, which may be scented. The location has a number of access features built in for wheelchair users and large single-occupancy all-gender restrooms. Calm companion animals and pets are welcome. The facilitator will use spoken English and gesture to communicate and is happy to increase the amount of verbal or gestural description as requested. All accommodation inquiries are welcomed. In the case of light rain, we will stay under the picnic shelter, but may cancel if the weather is more severe.
After signing up, please contact Cyra with any accommodation requests, questions, or concerns.

No donations will be requested at the event. The facilitator has a virtual "tip jar" on Venmo: @Cyra-Polizzi and CashApp: $cyrakp.

Six attendees per iteration.


Additional details

outside, movement, highly interactive, vaccinated only

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