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Mirada de Tomàquet

In this transatlantic collaboration, a composer collaborates with artists to explore the symbolism and power of the tomato. Audience members will have the opportunity to listen in as an original percussion composition (Barsacq) is played via specially designed speakers (Mitchell) while the tomato plants grow. As the plants mature, their yield will provide tomato snacks (Clark) for visitors.


Laurie Beth Clark & Maya Barsacq & Meg Mitchell

Laurie Beth Clark is a social practice artist based in Madison.
Maya Barsacq is a French/American conductor, composer, and performance artist currently based in Barcelona, Spain.
Meg Mitchell is an artist based in Madison, WI, where she produces physical installations and ephemeral work.

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Music Performed by Roxan Jurkevich

Technical Support from James Gerken & Michael Peterson

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Most Sundays 2:00 - 215 PM from 11 July to 19 September.


South Madison.

After signing up, you will receive an email with the specific address.


Audience members will listed to a ten minute musical composition in a vegetable garden. Non-textual percussion might not be accessible to deaf audience members. The project is outdoors and allow audience members to space themselves.


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kid-friendly, outside, music, stationary

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