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Let's Take a Walk

Hey. It’s good to be with you, even though I’m far away. If we haven’t met yet, hi, I’m Amber. And if we have, I miss you. Take an asynchronous walk with my dog and me to my favorite parks, wherever you are in the world. I want to talk to you about when resilience becomes tolerance and how tolerance relates to affliction, moving during a pandemic, and training a dog. I hope we can share our stories of tolerance and the beauty of our favorite places.


Amber Palmer

Amber Palmer is a playwright currently based out of Madison.

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A recording is available to stream from August 8th to September 28th.


This audio play can be enjoyed anywhere you stream audio. I recommend picking a park of your choosing and bringing your dog along.


An audio monologue meant for enjoying while walking a dog.

This performance can be enjoyed alone, or "alone together" (people listening on their own devices with each other) and outdoors.


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kid-friendly, about COVID, outside, theatrical, movement, dog-friendly, asynchronous, audio play

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