Step out your front door and into this surreal and neighborly live art experience. Slipping from the pedestrian to the dream-like, Floodplain offers a brief, experimental movement encounter that is customized to your location.


Bethany Alwa & Marina Kelly

Bethany Alwa is an educator and mover with a commitment to creating inclusive and expressive spaces.
Marina Kelly is a multidisciplinary artist who designs situations that bring people together.

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Tuesday, 8/24 — 8:30 pm
Wednesday, 9/8 — 6:45 pm & 8:15 pm
Wednesday, 9/15 — 6:30 pm & 8:00 pm
Wednesday, 9/22 — 6:30 pm & 8:00 pm


Various. We will meet you at your home or a place of your choosing and we will guide you to another location close-by.

You will enter a specific email when registering.


We’ll maintain at least 6’ of distance throughout the performance.

Participants will need to be able to travel a short distance from the starting place to a nearby location.

Up to 4 people per performance (if there are additional members of your household, let us know and we’ll accommodate).


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kid-friendly, outside, movement, distancing required