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Building the Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge is a collaborative, color coded way to talk about love and the different ways that people connect and build relationships. We believe that love is the energy that connects living things.The Rainbow Bridge shines a light on the different ways we give and receive love and offers a new perspective and framework to build self-understanding, self-love, and self-expression. The Rainbow Bridge is a work in progress that currently includes a series of zines and related workshops. We hope you'll help us build the bridge!


Rainbow Bridge Press (Lesley Numbers and G Lee)

Rainbow Bridge Press is exploring the facets of love through a prismatic perspective.

Lesley is a printmaker, teacher and mama who seeks to make the world a more joyful, beautiful and loving place. G agrees. Lesley and G are co-creators of Rainbow Bridge Press.

More about the artist(s)


Zines printed at the Communication Print Collective

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Select Tuesdays between July 13 - September 21.

Each Tuesday will focus on a different color of the Rainbow Bridge and include a series of exercises, group discussion and zine.

Each week will have its own focus (some colors and times have been updated):

8/3 Blue (5-7pm):
Ways of giving and receiving communicative love.
8/17 (5-7pm) Green and Yellow:
Ways of giving and receiving friendly love and confident love.
8/24 Orange (5-7pm):
Ways of giving and receiving passionate love.
8/31 Red (5-7pm):
Ways of giving and receiving secure love.
9/7 Brown (6-8pm):
Ways of giving and receiving environmental love.
9/14 Pink and Gold (6-8pm):
Ways of giving and receiving purposeful love and rewarding love.
9/21 Rainbow (6-8pm) - All the Love
This event is open to anyone who participated in at least one of the ten previous Building a Rainbow Bridge workshops. In this workshop, we will envision and create a collaborative zine to share with the community.


Outside of the tiny house at the Garver Feed Mill.


Participants must be vaccinated. We will meet unmasked, outdoors, weather permitting. Please bring a mask.

Please bring your own chair, drawing/writing supplies and a notebook or journal. Some drawing supplies will be available. Events are for ages 18+, sensitive content might be discussed. Workshops include an overview of the Rainbow Bridge project, creative exercises and a zine. Up to 20 people per event.

One entrance to an optional space has stairs only (no ramp).

In the event of bad weather, we will meet indoors.

$10 suggested donation for the workshop and a zine.


Additional details

discussion-based, otuside, stationary, sensitive content, highly interactive, vaccinated only, food/drink establishment, transit accessible, dog-friendly, inside

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